Susan Card

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“Luminous colour, constant in my work, reflects what delights my eye. Pieces formed, sculpted and painted in a watercolour style acknowledge the tradition of floral symbolism, which has signified everything from feminine beauty to fertility, has traversed physical and metaphysical worlds, has sanctified ritual and transcended the everyday. Through symbolic significance, floral decoration becomes a vehicle for contemplation, elevating the everyday object.

Ceramic pieces formed and sculpted, then painted in a water colour style, acknowledge the tradition of floral symbolism in art that signifies feminine beauty, fertility, the natural and philosophical worlds and elevates the everyday to the contemplative.

Susan Card (B.H.Ec., B.F.A. - University of Manitoba) has exhibited her ceramics and published articles about ceramics for over twenty-five years. Colourful porcelain and sculptural smoke-fired pottery produced in her Toronto studio is commissioned by private and corporate clients and has been exhibited in galleries in Toronto, London, Waterloo and Montreal.

Susan taught at Sheridan College for several years and for the City of Toronto at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre. Presently she teaches recreational pottery in her Distillery District studio, DISH GALLERY + Studio which opened in 2006. Currently an enthusiastic volunteer board member for the Collections Committee at the Art Gallery of Burlington, Susan is a former Board Chair of FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association, a former Board member for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and a past President of Toronto Potters. While maintaining her studio practice and gallery, she also volunteers on the executive of two pottery guilds organizing speakers’ programmes. She has been instrumental in working with the Toronto Potters executive in opening the Toronto Potters Studio at Artscape Youngplace in 2018.

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